Permanent Corporate Commission, Shadows, large scale installation (3 8’x6’ panels), digital ceramic frit on glass, Summa Health, Akron, OH

About: In May 2019, I completed a $30,000 commission for the new patient tower of Summa Health in Akron, OH. I was selected by the Summa Health Healing Arts Leadership Council, comprised of regional arts professionals, to create a site-specific permanent artwork for their lobby. This project required over a year of planning with architects, glass installers, fabricators, and curators. My piece Shadows is a 3-panel large-scale artwork of digital ceramic frit printed on glass that is prominently featured in the lobby, next to another featured lobby commission by internationally renowned artist Diana al-Hadid. This commission is able to reach a broader community of viewers outside of typical art venues to engage with the ideas in my work.

Press: Summa Health



Shadows overview

Shadows detail

Permanent Corporate Commission, Shadows | 2019 | Research 2018-19